Jamie & Pedro The Hungry Piglets

Starting from a shared passion of cooking with quality seasonal produce and entertaining friends through food, the Hungry Piglets was set up in 2014 by Jamie Thomson and Pedro Mitchell-Innes. Our pop-up restaurant now travels round all parts of London and ranges from intimate lunch gatherings to raucous evening feasts for over 300! 

To us, enjoying food is about sharing the discovery of new and exciting tastes with those around you.  Check out our recent Argentinean Asado themed events. This involves slow cooking whole pigs and lambs over a wood fire… perfect for large events and tastes as good as it looks!!

We look forward to serving you,

The Hungry Piglets

The Hungry Piglet team:

Jamie Thomson, Founder

Pedro Mitchell-Innes, Founder

Lotte Thomson

Charlotte Mitchell-Innes